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The prices are modest - thus lines are long, so book yourself a table beforehand or prepare to be waiting for a while.

In a hidden corner on the less touristy backside of Montmartre is a pretty, blue storefront, with a beautiful but tiny restaurant behind.

There are basically about three places worth going in the otherwise touristy, expensive and overcrowded 6th arrondissement, but in return they are really good, and you can fit them all into one great date.

Start out at This vast museum chronicles the history of France through the wars in which the nation has participated.

If you are up for something more relaxed (or something to relax you) cult bar La Perle is just around the corner from the last gallery.

From the rooftop bar of the BHV department store you have an amazing view overlooking the very heart of Paris with the Hotel de Ville and Notre-Dame de Paris extending over the Parisian slate rooftops.

From the conventional dinner-and-a-movie to art gallery hopping and village tours in the heart of the city, there is no way you will bore your company with our selection of ace choices -- in every arrondissement. Originally built in the 1630s as the private residence of Cardinal Richelieu, and has been the crash pad of countless members of French bourgeoisie.

The gardens, with covered , cafés and trees in straight lines opened to the public in 1784 and has been a favorite place for Parisians ever since, an oasis of peace in the middle of one of the busiest districts in the city.

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If your date has any sense of fun and curiosity, this wonderland might just be the ultimate spot to spend a date exploring together.Romantically set in the beautiful park is a zoo, or, if you prefer non-living animals, the Museum of Natural History.Especially interesting it the , housing animal skeletons and kittens in formaldehyde, though perhaps not for the weak-hearted.Go for a hike or a run together, or rent bikes and zoom around the vast area, stopping here and there for the perfect Instagram shot.In summer, you can rent boats by the artificial Mr. If you get bored just enjoying nature, there is the Fondation Louis Vuitton to tickle your senses with some interesting art, and the Jardin d’Acclimatation, an amusement park with rides and animals - all fun for both kids and adults, but there are also restaurants catering to your adult need of a stiff one when you get tired of overexcited kids. At the spearhead of Parisian bistronomy, and with the haute cuisine of their mothership fresh in memory, they serve up intelligent but effortless and breezy dishes in an equally effortless yet polished surrounding.

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