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In 1905, the State Board of Law Examiners (formerly State Bar Board) was established by the North Dakota legislature.The statutes relevant to the Board can be found in Chapter 27-11 of the North Dakota Century Code.It provides gender-responsive residential transitional services for female DOCR inmates that are within two (2) years of their parole eligibility date or discharge date.MALE TRANSITION PROGRAM The Male Transition Program is available at Centre Fargo.

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To foster physical, mental and emotional growth of the youth athletes in North Dakota while providing educational opportunities and support to it membership.

The programming continues to evolve and improve with attention given to an expanded array of issues.

Addiction programming is mandatory for substance dependent individuals.

The transitional residential facilities are staffed on a twenty-four hour a day basis.

Although most residents are allowed to leave the facility for work and programming purposes, they must sign out and in with staff approval prior to leaving and upon return.

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