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Age, religion, socioeconomic status and disability all effect cultural identity. Each partnership is comprised of a black man and a white woman.

It should not be assumed that they share the same culturally-relevant experiences.

Society has historically valued some people over others.

White men, for example, afforded themselves the rights to vote and own property long before people of color and women.

One couple could consist of a recovering alcoholic and a mechanic and the other a surgeon and a banker.

Intercultural dating relationships are often born of characteristics similar to those that are culturally homogeneous, according to Ling Chen, professor of communication studies at Hong Kong Baptist University in "Communication in Intercultural Relationships," a chapter in the "Handbook of International and Intercultural Communication." Reported reasons for relationship formation include comfort level, personal attraction and common interests and goals.

In situations where judgment and criticism is present, couples seek out open-mindedness and warm regard in new and different social networks.

Jill Avery-Stoss is a graduate of Penn State University and a writer and editor based in northeast Pennsylvania.

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As an example, a man accustomed to living in poverty attends a charity event hosted by his new girlfriend's country club.Well, so far, I’ve only dated men in some of Europe’s Latin-speaking countries: Italy, Spain and France.I have a ranking system for the men of each country based on their passion and directness and forcefulness on dates (just a generalization).But when they speak amongst themselves, they speak Spanish at a natural pace.It gives me a chance to practice my listening skills, and to get important tidbits.

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