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To you, the words “whatever” or “nevermind” might just be a way to avoid repeating yourself.To a hard-of-hearing person, they’re a sign that you’re not willing to make accommodations for them.This includes their professional interactions, friendships, and romantic relationships.Worried about how you’ll look or sound with hearing aids? Many of Signia’s hearing aids offer Own Voice Processing, or OVP, to improve how you hear yourself.

When people are rude or overly polite, it can feel isolating. Mumbling, speaking too quickly, and jumping topics can be confusing for people without hearing loss, so you can imagine how frustrating it might be for your hard-of-hearing date.

Instead, you can focus on presenting yourself in a comfortable, natural light.

While making a good first impression is the goal, it’s also important that you feel good about yourself.

We’ve gone over what it’s like to be a person with hearing aids, but what is it like to be someone who dates a hard-of-hearing person?

If you’re doing research to better understand your date, it’s obvious that you care about how they feel, and want to make a good impression.

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