Anime dating sim kingdom hearts

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Then when school's out, you can go spend time with your friends or alone in Persona 5's version of Tokyo.

You can hit up a karaoke, a batting center, or numerous other locations, all the while meeting new people and establishing connections with them.

The soundtrack manages to emotionalize the game through music, from the action-packed tracks with hard-hitting wind instruments and percussion, to the softer, somber songs that encapsulate the hauntingly beautiful environments and story moments you encounter.

Vocals in the lore's indescribable language makes the music even more memorable, adding to the ethereal quality of the sound.

This leads to a situation where you're constantly swapping to new equipment to get new skills while cycling the equipment between party members so everyone masters it.

There's quite a bit of micromanagement involved, so after doing this for over a dozen of hours, it can feel incredibly repetitive.

Getting all the way to the very end can be a religious experience from how much heart and meaning you discover in the symbolism. It has a very hack-and-slash feel to it, with an emphasis on agility and acrobatics.

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This constantly puts you under pressure, causing you to spend more time on dungeons and less time on side-activities.

The great variation in enemies, layouts, and theme keeps the exploration exciting and will keep you interested in seeing more.

Nie R: Automata's outlook on storytelling is incredibly special.

This soundtrack is definitely one that you can go back to again and again without getting sick of it.

In Tales of Berseria weapons and armor give you permanent skills if you master them.

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