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Unfortunately, if you got married, moved in with someone, and then found out about all their nasty secrets that they kept hidden while you were dating and engaged, it doesn’t qualify you for an annulment.(A divorce from bed and board may be a possibility, however.) Whether or not you are eligible for a marriage annulment in North Carolina is going to be governed by statute and case-law.Under Title II of Philippine family laws, a spouse can file for legal separation in court if the other spouse is sentenced to jail for more than five years; physically abuses her or a child in the household or attempts to marry another person.Legal separation is allowed if one spouse has a drug or alcohol problem or is homosexual.All marriages between persons under 18 are automatically voided by law, as well as a marriage performed by an unlicensed official.

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Marrying a parent, sibling, or other close relative is also a bad idea and would be grounds for an annulment.

The spouse must file within five years of the qualifying event, and the court can deny the petition for various reasons, including evidence the filing spouse consented to the qualifying event.

Article 45 of Philippine family law establishes the allowable grounds for annulment.

The first think you should do is contact a divorce lawyer in your county to determine whether or not your interpretation of the law is correct.

As I mentioned before, most divorce lawyers go their entire career without filing an annulment for a client – but it does happen from time to time.

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