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To navigate between the options, use the arrow keys and Enter to select them.

From this menu, you can access all essential features of AVG Rescue CD.

Insert the medium in the drive and confirm the burning. To create a USB flash drive variant of AVG Rescue CD, you will need to do the following: The AVG Rescue CD is now ready.

Insert the CD in the drive or plug in the USB drive.

The AVG Rescue CD is a standalone set of tools that can be started from CD or USB flash disk.

It can be used to recover computers that are not able to boot or are infected in a way that will not allow normal operation.

This document will guide you through basic operations of AVG Rescue CD and its features.You can also get additional information in the Knowledge base section of the AVG web pages.You can download the AVG Rescue CD from the download section for free.The first option will scan all files on a selected drive.The second option will let you choose the specific directory to be scanned (to choose it, use arrow keys and the SPACEBAR.

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