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It’s only when Ricky is on his way out the door to clean up that Alexis realizes that her new lover has aa v-shaped birthmark on his butt, too, marking him as a distant relative. Wet With Angel Angel Sway is a stunner when she's clothed, but when she gets naked she'll bring you to your knees.

Peeling off her clothes in a sultry striptease is step one.

Gianna continues her rise to super stardom with another sexy scene for Jules Jordan.

She’s looking hot as ever in a baby blue & tan bathing suit as she waits for Manuel to arrive.

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She climbs on top of him to ride Manuel hard as he reaches out and grabs her by the neck and tells her not to stop. Alexis lets him into the building, then invites him in for tea so he can tell her about his family.Gianna steps out on the balcony and shakes her body as the sun drenches her perfect skin and we get an amazing look at her tight young body.She meets up with Manuel, back in the bedroom, and after making out for a little while he throws her on the chair and pulls off her panties.Loving every moment of it, Alexis hops onto the table so Ricky can feast on her landing strip twat before he shoves himself back inside.When Ricky pulls out and covers Alexis’s belly with jizz, Alexis grabs a biscuit and enjoys it topped with her salty treat.

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