Books for teens on relationships and dating

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By sharing these stories, and talking about what makes real love so empowering and special, we can help the next generation find the loving, respectful partners they deserve.

For a tween or teen experiencing their first crush — pounding heart, sweating hands, and elation or depression (depending on what the object of their affection just did) — love doesn’t necessarily feel like a wonderful thing, but understanding the difference between the overwhelming emotions of first love and unhealthy attachment and dependency on a partner are crucial.

Soon, she's daring to meet him in person — with the help of her nurse, Carla — and finds herself no longer satisfied by a life within four safe walls.

But will she dare to take a bigger step out her front door?

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What if love didn’t just feel crazy, but was actually considered a mental illness?

A job at a hat shop provides her with a taste of freedom, and introduces her to Isabella, a flapper from the local dance hall.

To Garnet's shock, she finds herself romantically drawn to Isabella, even though the notion of a same-sex relationship is totally foreign to her.

Leo, like the rest of his schoolmates, is captivated by the eccentric and fascinating Stargirl when she arrives.

But when the school turns on the non-conforming Stargirl, Leo sees only two choices: join her as an outsider, or convince her to be "normal." Stargirl loves Leo, but she has her own question to answer: is it crazier to be in love with the weird kid at school, or to deny who you really are in the name of love?

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