Cassies law voilence in dating

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Photographs of arrestees will be posted 13 days after date of arrest.Photographs of juvenile arrestees are confidential by law and will not be posted.

“Pussy is the only real empowerment women will ever know.

Like other hate groups, male supremacist hate groups propagate conspiracies that see the world as a matriarchy propped up by “cultural Marxism” meant to eradicate or subjugate men.

It is driven by the belief that men are entitled to a superior place in society than women, which are biologically and intellectually inferior — as a result, any advancement that women might have obtained is nothing more than a usurpation.

Photographs of arrestees will not be posted if publication would interfere with the law enforcement interests of the Austin Police Department or another law enforcement agency.

The site makes no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence.

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