Common dating mistakes women make in their 30s

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And once your stretching game is up to par, you’ll be ready for the 40 Great Exercises for Adding Muscle After 40. Unless all you’ve got planned for tomorrow morning is hibernating in your bedroom, don’t even think about staying up all night.

Getting less than a solid eight hours of Z’s won’t just leave you feeling groggy and short-tempered, at your age it’s seriously bad for your health.

Whether it’s skipping work to catch a baseball game or doing something fun when his world has gotten too stressful, every guy has a Ferris Bueller inside of him that needs to be let out now and then.And for help getting your social life back on track, here are the 40 Best Ways to Make New Friends After 40.Having a little pot belly may seem like no big deal now, but if you let it go unchecked, it’s going to keep growing, and growing, and growing.It could be a novel, a history book, or anything that sparks your interest.If it’s made of paper and covered with words, there’s something inside that will expand your mind.

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