Consolidating library itunes 11

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I am on OS X 10.7.5 and running whatever version of i Tunes is the latest that is available via Software Update (the About i Tunes option is grayed out as well so I can't check that right now). Otherwise i Tunes still works, but to quit, I have to force quit or close down the Mac altogether. Sadly, several Apple programs seem to do some cleanup that can get hung after you tell the program to quit.Mail and i Tunes seems to be several I've dealt with on multiple occasions with multiple versions of the OS.You can select all of the files in your library (ctrl a), right-click and choose "consolidate." Unfortunately you'll have to do this for every category separately as far as I can tell (music, movies, apps, etc.).Advanced you are still offered check-box options for "Keep i Tunes Media folder organized" and "Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library", which together should effectively (to my mind) auto-consolidate anything you add to your i Tunes library.If I choose to consolidate them, as you suggested, will I then have them all in two places?These articles have some useful information on how i Tunes works and the files involved: i Lounge - Transferring your i Tunes Library to Another Drive What are the i Tunes library files?If you don't have "Copy files to i Tunes Music folder when adding to library" checked then the song files you add from folders on your computer will have their location referenced in the i Tunes Library file. Could I do the consolidation 'manually', so I have more control over what takes place? Since I have some of my music on the main drive, and now everything goes to an external which is which I changed it to awhile back.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.I know this is not a new problem, but I haven't seen a solution to it so I figured I'd go ahead and see if anyone has come across a solution here: Sometimes i Tunes grays out menu bar options such as Quit i Tunes and Add to Library.I never noticed any pattern about when this happens, but I've read that others experience it after editing tracks in their libraries.In each case, force quitting the application is the only practical response. Or download albums and tracks to listen to offline.

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