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Instead, he helped her raise her two children from previous marriages and spent what we can only assume was a small fortune on her massive diamond ring.Months ago, Game clarified on that she was still cool with Villanueva, but as of February 7th all of the photos he was in have been removed from her account and it appears they're likely not on speaking terms.Griffin, 28, already has two kids with his ex-fiance, and while Jenner is a great rebound hookup, he would be ridiculous to anticipate anything serious with her.If it isn't already over, it's about to be given that Griffin is now in Detroit instead of Los Angeles.It has affected several professional athletes, most notably NFL and NBA players.Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the latest victim.

But don't buy too much into that: a source told "The two were hanging out over the holiday as friends," its source started.

On Sunday, Twitter user and likely basketball stan @Knicks_Tape99 tweeted out a picture composite of five very tall and attractive men from various pro basketball teams, calling it the “Starting 5 of NBA Players Kendall Jenner Dated.” “This is a playoff team, lmao,” the user wrote. Like a boss, Kendall replied to the tweet with, “2 out of 5 accurate, thanks.” Ah, nothing like a good shutdown.

So here’s a tip to this poor, unfortunate Twitter soul: Next time, keep your curiosity to yourself.

It's the first of two Kendall Jenner entries, which actually is surprisingly low considering the amount of celebrities the beautiful 22 year old model and TV personality has already dated.

Before being linked to Blake Griffin in recent months, Jenner had already been linked to Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton, Harry Styles, Chris Brown, Nick Jonas, Jordan Clarkson, A$AP Rocky, and the much-older Orlando Bloom. Jenner has been rumored to be dating Griffin for a few months now, but there have also been subsequent rumors that the romance is cooling.

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