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No 100 RSVP's of yes and only 25 show up at our events :) So book in to an event and come and meet some other wonderful and friendly people!

If you are nervous (and the vast majority of people are), or lonely or lacking in social opportunity, then we take this responsibility seriously and will support you every inch of the way in your social journey.

The cost for most of our events is to per ticket which covers the costs of running such a large group (we handle around 150 messages every week), employ professional event hosts (yes, they are trained to ensure you are well looked after and never left alone or unsure at an event), book exclusive areas and rooms at venues, pay girls to answer our phones for those of you who wish to talk to us, rent at our office if you would like to meet us and we pay the meetup monthly fees.

Take a trip to the Botanical Gardens and let the calm and tranquil setting ease you and your date.

Image Source The Aldinga beach is a great place for a date because unlike the other beaches you might think of, Aldinga allows you to drive your car to the beach and this means stargazing!

Take a secret drive once the suns gone down and lay down and take in the beauty of the night sky, with the sound of the crashing shore in the background, we think it’s the most romantic and relaxing date yet!

If you are really keen to be super active socially, I also encourage you to join our gold membership level package where members are meeting people nearly every single day of the year!

So together we have loads of opportunities for you.

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