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It uses fixed-length fields of 7 bytes, each corresponding to century, year, month, day, hour, minute, and second to store date data.

__construct()Note that when you create a new date object using a format with slashes and dashes (eg or 02/02/2012) it must be in the mm/dd/yy(yy) or mm-dd-yy(yy) format (rather than british format dd/mm/yy)!

Months always before years (the american style) otherwise you'll get an incorrect date and may get an error like the one above (where PHP is crashing on trying to decode a 13th month).

Can catch you off guard because everything seems to be working fine and dandy until you hit a value over 12.

For cases where all that is required is to provide some minimal information about the person name, for example their occupation or status, the att.naming class also provides a simple Biographical and Prosopographical Data below.

The same element might alternatively be provided by some other document, of course, which the same attribute could refer to by means of a URI, as explained in attribute is provided for cases where no such direct link is required: for example because resolution of the reference is carried out by some local convention, or because the encoder judges that no such resolution is necessary.

This module also provides elements for the representation of information about the person, place, or organization to which a given name is understood to refer and to represent the name itself, independently of its application.

In simple terms, where the core module allows one simply to represent that a given piece of text is a being used.

A similar range is provided for names of places and organizations.

By default, Oracle uses CE date entries if BCE is not used explicitly.

Oracle Database has its own propriety format for storing date data.

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