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Disadvantages Ok Cupid is a popular millennial dating website, tried-and-proven by 10 million users.

Started in 2004, it assembled a considerable dating community. Take a look at the section with favorite TV shows, movies, and music.

See, in real life, matches are made often through friends of friends - and this website incorporates a similar attitude.

The first step is connecting your Facebook account to the profile.

Then, we have the dating basics: it’s time to add a photo and add a typical description.

The required criteria are occupation, religion, ethnicity, employment, height, and education.

You can meet the most unexpected people on the web, even business CEOs and celebrities are not off the list.

Also, fun registration forms with creative questions that dive deep into your interests and habits. Overall, the site matches millennial standards, although, for older users, it may seem too playful.

Anything you want to know about a potential partner is in those answers. Similarly to Tinder, Ok Cupid has a swipe-right system, but it’s much less look-based.

Potential matches are based on three factors: Location.

The app shows profiles of people in a 1-100 mile radius within your place. Is a user looking for matches or swiped your profile?

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