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In 1851, according to some sources, the company took the name "American Horologe Company" and production started in the new factory building. The company had financial difficulties and Edward Howard left to form E. Upon bankruptcy, the company was sold at auction to Royal E. (AWWCo) where it was to remain for the next 32 years.

Gutter & Sons New York private label321 - Research on unknown pattern outlined321 - Popular Mechanics ad w/pinwheel pattern322 - Theories about pinwheel pattern323 - Private label watches & RR Time Service323 - Forsinger time inspection service323 - Ball time inspection service 323 - Montgomery, Henry, inspector at AT&SF324 - Waltham’s grade No. 972, table of481 - Watch company websites481 - Ball Official Standard double-sunk dials481 - Waltham Wind Indicator signed Hardy & Co.481 - Lossier inner terminal hairspring482 - Ohlson regulator, aka 1908 regulator482 - Ass’t.

Fortune grade case475 - Waltham-Ball, 16S RR grade mvt seal475 - Ball trademark: Official R. Standard475 - Waltham’s Canadian Pacific Railway watch grade476 - Waltham’s Railway Time Service watch grade476 - Waltham Canadian Railway Watches476 - CPR grade appeals to RR enthusiasts476 - CRTS grade attracts collectors476 - Waltham Grade No.

642, entry level standard watch477 - Treiman, Lawrence W.’s Bulletin article referenced478 - Elgin’s 16S, 17J RR grade B.

This manufacturing model was later successfully adopted by other American watch factories and manufacturers of a wide variety of items both consumer and industrial. View Movements » 14 size Waltham pocket watches: Waltham 14 size pocket watches came in various jewel counts from 7 all the way through 21 jewels and in a variety of configurations and models such as: the Sterling, the Seaside, the Royal, the Riverside, a variety of five minute repeaters, the Perfection, the 7 jewel night click, the Mazimus the Hillside, the Gentleman, the Ellery, the Crescent Garden, the Church Street model, a variety of early Model 1874 chronographs, the Beacon model and the Bond Street.

The Waltham brain trust - in it's many early incarnations were unparalleled the world-over with the design and creation of high quality products and replacement parts to support their long term function. Many of the previous mentioned models in both 18 and 16 size - were also produced in 14 size Waltham watches.

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