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“You are not the same person you were back then,” says Pepper Schwartz, Ph D, a sex and relationships researcher and author of .That means who—and what—you’re attracted to will look very different than it did in your younger years.Or maybe you’re just on the cusp, and neither one of you wants to blow up the status quo, so you both just play it cool. This is very different from him messaging you at 1 a.m. He really goes out of his way to see you, even if he’s already seen you a few times this swing by a party and pick him up, so you meet his friends fleetingly. He’s braved snowstorms or driven an hour out of his way to show up at your place. When someone asks who you are, he stammers and says, "my girlfriend/boyfriend." You'll probably want to clarify it with him after the fact (it's possible he just felt awkward and panicked), but this is as good a sign as any.The major problem with flings is that people sometimes fall in love and get serious. At a stretch of time, as women get physically involved and get closer to a man, they start feeling more intimate. More often than not, If they say they are in a fling- they ARE in a fling, unlike their female counterparts who might say something and then act the complete opposite.Secondly, flings have nothing to do with emotional compatibility.

Or that window where you clarify that things are now serious somehow came and went, and things just feel awkward. Specifically, he made a point to bring you along to meet his friends.

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Such behavior can be extremely frustrating and make you wonder why you are in a relationship like this in the first place.

Remember, flings are only for those who actually keep the excessive emotions out of it.

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