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So, 8 of the 18 holidays in Colombia in 2019 are on a Monday.This is known as Emiliani’s Law in Colombia, which was enacted on December 6, 1983 as Law 51.In addition, this holiday occurs the day after Ash Wednesday and the day before Good Friday.This holiday combined with Good Friday on April 19 are part of the holy week or It should be noted that many in Colombia take this entire Semana Santa week off.In addition, several readers of the Medellin Guru website have asked for details about the Colombia holidays.So, we are providing this guide to all the public Colombia holidays. Note: this popular article about Colombia holidays has been updated with the 2019 dates for all the Colombia holidays.Ascension Day is the celebration of Jesus rising into heaven after he had spent 40 days on earth after the resurrection.According to the New Testament, this took place before the eyes of his disciples. In Colombia, as with many other religious holidays, Ascension Day is celebrated on the Monday after the actual date.

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However, Colombia holiday dates associated with Easter, Independence Day, the Immaculate Conception and Christmas are never changed.Saint Joseph’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the Virgin Mary’s husband and the adoptive legal father of Jesus Christ.This was scheduled for March 19 but changed to March 25, the first Monday after the 19th.Maundy Thursday is a religious Holy day that is observed all over the world.It was established to commemorate the foot washing (Maundy) and the last supper of Jesus Christ with his Apostles.

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