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For example, social relationships and physical appearance “can explain the cultural content of the glass ceiling in Latin American companies.” In Chilean companies, executive selection and promotion generally reflect physical appearance, age and sex, in addition to social contacts, birthplace and other factors.Companies generally recruit new workers through their current employees and employees’ family members and close relatives.First, there is the importance of personal relationships.Latin Americans expect to be treated with courtesy and kindness while at work.Moreover, Latin American companies usually devote only a small part of their budget to training.When it comes to compensation and recognition, family also plays a central role.The authors define the Latin American business model as a hybrid of globalization and the region’s historic traditions.

In Mexican companies, “executives know that the survival of their organizations depends more on social and governmental relationships than on any support they get from the country’s financial system.” Third, popular celebrations play a major role in the workplace, including religious behavior, as noted earlier. This is the cultural framework that defines Human Resource practices within the Latin American company, especially recruitment and personnel management.It is also important to recognize the loyalty of employees by establishing ceremonies that honor their seniority.Many benefits, including vacations and retirement benefits, involved ceremonial recognition.The worker can wind up being rejected by the group, with grave consequences.In contrast, highly valued benefits for top executives confer extra status – including luxury cars, and private-school tuition for their children.

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