Dating losers frustrated video dater

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I've only managed to go on one date and even that was miserable (she admitted afterward that she only wanted a free meal). When I make contact (if I make contact, 90% of my initiations go unreplied to), I like to refer to some point on their profile and end it openly to provoke further conversation and keep everything PG. Women are no different to men in looking for an attractive partner but for them it's not just one or two things they judge but the whole package. Maybe try doing some meetups in your area or join a church group or something so you can meet people in person?

It's hard to believe that every woman out there is not attracted to me and I'm starting to run out of "matches"Tried aiming lower, just found more people who don't speak with me/have nothing in common with. And, while I've made no progress, quitting does even less for me. Unfortunately I've had similar situations with women I've met offline lol. If you pass the physical tests you still need to be interesting, funny, witty, smart and so on to make anything stick.

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I've been doing online dating for going on 4 years now with absolutely zero results. But I have lived in two different places (here and Ohio) where lots of that worked against me. Maybe because I am politically on the left and I live in a very conservative area.

I didn't expect much from it but my consistency is mind boggling. and if you are not in a target group, you get side-lined unless you change your tactics. Its really hard to guess without seeing how your profiles written, what your messaging is like and last but most importantly how you look including age, weight, height, hair (or lack of), fashion sense and so on. Also, I cannot believe that someone went on a date with you for a free meal and that someone would tell you that, both things are dispicable (hard to say which is worse).

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