Dating single dad daughter

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I feel that this virtue of selflessness and self-care will translate well into my future relationship and the community at large.I hope you can come to appreciate some of the struggles we face.I got a lot of pressure from my then-girlfriend to do it so we could all spend time together on the weekends.After more than a year and a half, I finally told my daughter I had a girlfriend (after her mom met my then-girlfriend and begrudgingly gave her blessing).) Thankfully, my daughter took it all in stride: she just wanted her daddy to be happy.But, seriously: Don’t make the same mistake I did, as mentioned above. Now, when it comes to dating, my priorities are different from the time I was just a regular single guy. But the fact I have a daughter to think about definitely influences what qualities I want in a future life partner.Post-divorce, my daughter and I have become very close and have developed an amazing bond—this is true love!

Consequently, I didn’t know what I was doing, and went into a new relationship for the wrong reason.

Through this experience, I also know exactly what I am looking for in my next partner (refer to Point Number 3), and what real love looks like.

Ultimately, single dads are used to taking care of someone else and themselves simultaneously.

I can understand why this could be difficult for some girls.

It was stressful trying to manage my time—ensuring that the weekends were for my daughter and me, while the other days were for my then-girlfriend. That’s when I started sacrificing my time with my daughter for my girlfriend. On the other hand, if I didn’t spend enough of the free, non-working hours with my girlfriend, I felt that I wasn’t doing enough for her.

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