Dating single mom infant

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These are all too easy to neglect, especially if you don't have a partner to spell you.

"I had to pay attention to make sure I was even eating enough," says Rachel Sarah, author of the book and blog Single Mom Seeking.

Sometimes both our babies would be crying, but at least we were going through the witching hour together," says Sarah.

If you're having trouble finding buddies, consider joining a single parent support group.

And remember, meeting new people gets easier with practice. "At first, I was ashamed to even tell people that I was a single mom. I had to become more social out of pure necessity." For some, this is easier said than done."Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to feel overwhelmed, since I chose to become a single mother," says Soiseth."But I try to remember that this doesn't change the fact that I need help." Soiseth was so overwhelmed in those first sleep-deprived weeks with her daughter that four days into her parents' visit, she delegated all the laundry and cooking to them."The reality is that everyone has problems, even married people," she says.Five years later, she has found that being a single mom comes with its own advantages.

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