Dating south bend reels

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Microfilm: County Histories of the Old Northwest: Indiana. Joseph Co., Indiana / compiled, drawn & published from personal examinations & surveys by Higgins Belden & Co. Microfilm: Atlases--County--Rush (Neg.) Full image available online 1875 IRq912.772 S143at 1986 [Atlas & Plat Book Collection] Title: An illustrated historical atlas of St. 1923 IR912.772 S143an [Atlas & Plat Book Collection] Title: Atlas of the cities of South Bend and Mishawaka, Indiana. Note: Maps which incorporate US highway numbering system were probably published after October 1, 1926, the date when that system went into effect in Indiana; plat books contain no publication dates and may not be available for all counties. Full image available online 1913 I912.772 ISS 13m (1913) [large map] Title: Up-to-date indexed maps South Bend and Mishawaka, Indiana. IR912.772 I385hp [Atlas & Plat Book Collection] Title: [Plat books of Indiana counties].

To date, most information on the various models and configurations of this popular blue-collar fly reel exists only on a handful of threads on message boards of websites like The Fiberglass Flyrodders and The Classic Fly Rod Forum. Full image available online through Indiana Memory 194-? Joseph County, Indiana, showing rural delivery service. Most collectors who fish their classic Russells agree that the earlier versions have a smoother click-check, and so these older reels are thus more collectible and fetch higher prices.Manufactured from 1928 through 1934, these reels are distinguishable by the following features: The early Russell reel models included: Model ————- Dia.

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