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Around 56% of the total resources for HIV in low- and middle-income countries in 2017 were from domestic sources.

UNAIDS estimates that US$ 26.2 billion will be required for the AIDS response in 2020.

All these elements are halting progress and urgently need to be addressed head on.

- Treatment Despite challenges, new global efforts have meant that the number of people receiving HIV treatment has increased dramatically in recent years, particularly in resource-poor countries.

We live in fragile times, where gains can be easily reversed.

The biggest challenge to moving forward is complacency.

Take our Free Personality Test to learn your personality type.And among people accessing treatment, four out of five (81%) were virally suppressed.West and Central Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia are regions where urgent action is particularly important if we are to reach the targets.The Ethnologue 200 accounts for most of the world's population.Over 88% of people speak one of these languages as their native tongue, and many hundreds of millions more speak them as second languages.

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