Dating what she says means

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If her boyfriend is crazy and known to be violent then you should stay away from that girl.

If the man is unstable just walk away from her and, avoid her like the plague.

Girls like this have awful taste in men and more than likely have some psychological issues too.

Now for those of you that may be wondering I typically don’t go after girls who have boyfriends. it’s because it takes a great deal of time and more effort to sleep with these girls.

That said, let’s get started with some strong signals she wants a relationship with you but might be afraid to tell you.

If she’s trying to make him jealous, she’s more invested in her boyfriend NOT you. You have to look at the big picture, and make good decisions.For whatever reason this girl is dating some crazy guy who’s abusive. You think to yourself you can save her, you cannot.I don’t care how “lethal” your hands are or how “tough” you think you are.Girls love going out when they have boyfriends because they love the attention.They love getting free drinks and they love having fun with their girlfriends.

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