Dating women who bounce checks

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In other words, women feel good when they are with men who can make them laugh, and men feel good when women laugh at their jokes.

Remember, a great way to a man’s heart is to laugh.

Not only is laughter a communication tool and a feel-good experience, but it’s also a mechanism for social interaction.

When you’re with other people, you’re more likely to laugh than when you’re alone.

Did you know that the best way to a man’s heart is through his ear?

As with anything new, if you have a rewarding experience, you’re more likely to want to repeat that experience, and that might lead to a second, third, and fourth date.

On a date, a laugh at the right moment can show not only that you’re listening but also that what they’re saying is funny.

This conveys aptitude in your ability to understand a joke and similarity in your senses of humor.

Furthermore, findings indicate that partner humor (humor from the other person) is important in predicting marital satisfaction for both husbands and wives.

In contrast to initial meetings, it’s important in longer term relationships for both members of the couple to keep each other laughing.

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