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They worship earthly creatures or kings, forgetting that God is above all.

Above the firmament was a throne, with the LORD of glory seated upon it.

The glory of the Lord is one of the key thoughts running throughout the Book of Ezekiel.

In the second section, Judah’s neighbors are condemned because of their idolatry and their cruel treatment of God’s people.

A bright, shining cloud, a figure of God’s presence, is seen lingering over the temple, then reluctantly departing.

They both describe the throne as being like precious stones, and they both say that there was a rainbow around the throne.The creatures symbolize those attributes of God which are seen in creation: His majesty, power, swiftness, and wisdom.Cherubim are the created beings assigned to guard the throne of God (Ps.CALL AND COMMISSION OF EZEKIEL (1:1–) Ezekiel’s Circumstances (1:1–3) As the book opens, Ezekiel was a prophet of a priestly family, which was carried captive to Babylon in 597 B. He prophesied about the destruction of Jerusalem six or seven years before it happened.Ezekiel was thirty years of age at this time (“in the thirtieth year”).

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