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One of the things that I highlight in the workshop is understanding what I call the “” of their journey to the cloud.

What I mean by this is that their journey to the cloud is in the early stages of the relationship.

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Whenever I do these workshops, I always ask the attendees where they are at in their journey to the cloud – be it with Amazon, Microsoft or even Google.

They were required by their stakeholders to have a DR strategy for their mission-critical applications.

They asked me to create an action plan for them to use Microsoft Azure as their DR strategy. As always, I ask for their recovery objectives (RPO/RTO) and service level agreements (SLA) to understand whether or not the cloud would meet their needs without spending too much. The idea was to create an automation framework that uses the Azure Power Shell modules to (1) copy their database backups to an Azure blob storage, (2) create a SQL Server VM from the available Azure VM templates that matches their on-premises version and (3) restore the database backups after the SQL Server VM was created.

And whether we like it or not, majority of the customers will be in the “dating phase” with the cloud within the next five (5) years. The fact that Azure (formerly known as Windows Azure before it was renamed to Microsoft Azure) is almost 10 years old now (it was announced in 2008 and made publicly available in 2010) and customers still have not fully adopted it makes the case. I bet you can relate to this in one way or another.

As you go thru your journey to the cloud, keep the following in mind: One of my customers considered getting serious with Microsoft Azure.

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