Difference between dating sim visual novel

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I noticed that the Otome game page has a suggestion on it to merge with dating sim. The entire visual novel family needs to become more consistent. No, the girl never directly ask you "What is my favourite color? Instead, when shoping with protagonist, she will ask to pick a piece of good and player will get choice of colors.Personally, I don't think it's a good idea, as otome games are targeted towards a total different audience compared to most games referred to as dating sims, and 'dating sims' an accepted genre anyway? Seriously, there is an angry HOMOPHOBE who delete every Yaoi article. Persona 3's social link question are good example to this.If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.This article is within the scope of the Wiki Project Japan, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Japan-related articles on Wikipedia. Omgwtflolz , 26 February 2006 (UTC) I have pointed out multiple times that you are wrong and I am right.There are, of course, many hybrids that blur the line between both categories, like the The Nettestadt Troll, which mostly runs as a typical Ren'ai visual novel but at a certain point starts including DS elements.As an even clearer example of hybrids, Elven Relations is a Ren'ai VN that incorporates some RPG-like combats.I'm not sure about how much "authoritative" can the archive be taken as a source, but I can't think of a better source, at least in English.

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Yes there is some meshing but Kana Imouto and most if not all of the other g-collections games are not dating-sims just marketed incorrectly as such.

-Seventh Holy Scripture , 10 April 2007 (UTC) I'm not sure of what changed, but I really like the description of sims being based on statistics, and visual novels being choose your own adventures.

I thought that was the clearest description I've seen and the easiest distinction.

Since it's basically been settled that dating sims and visual novels are different genres, there's confusion in this article due to visual novels also being called dating sims in the West. Then again, I'm arguing in favor of English genre definitions on the English wikipedia on Talk: Visual novel, so I can't rightly favor the Japanese source in this case just because I personally agree with it.

Still, I'd like to replace the illustrative thumbnail of Kana Imōto in this article with one of Dokyusei or Tokimeki Memorial, which most people agree are the archetypical dating sims.

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