Divorce telling kids dating

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My own story is that I also divorced and have 2 boys ages 8 and 12. When we left my verbally abusive husband, my oldest son cried that he never wanted to see him again and wanted God to bring him a new daddy.

So when I met what I thought was the perfect new daddy, both my boys protested that they didn't want me to date anyone.

So my question is: how have other people dealt with this?

What are the signs that the kids are ready to handle a new relationship?

As long as the parents don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the kids really think that their parents will get back together. I suggest reading books from the library about this topic which is very common. My daughter is now graduating from HS and tells me that she still has a secret wish that she had one family.

So, children will always secretly wish that their lives could be normal but, eventually they will learn to deal with reality.

It's so much easier on the kids if parents take dating slowly and only introduce the new partner when they are both sure that the relationship is going to be a long lasting one.

She's not even with the one that caused the divorce anymore. Sometimes white lies or lies by omission are a good thing.

When and if something becomes really really really serious with a guy, like after a two or three years, and you know you guys are going to get married, you can start introducing him then.

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