Do men find beautiful women intimidating

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When a man gets face-to-face with how impressive a woman is, he can feel inadequate.So rather than ask for her number, he’ll walk away.They can perceive successful women as a threat to their career goals.Or a man’s subconscious might tell him he can’t handle dating today’s super-capable, financially independent girl boss, says David Buss, Ph D, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin.

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And research indicates that partners who have common mindsets are the happiest, says Adshade.And you may be handing over the majority of your ability to make decisions in the relationship because you’re signaling that your partner’s desires override yours, says economist Marina Adshade, Ph D, author of Bottom line: Taming your ambition may land you a boyfriend.However, if you have a big vision of what you hope to accomplish in your career, there’s a strong chance you won’t be satisfied for long.Of course you can do these things for yourself — but it could be that he’s trying to show you affection.And those type of acts, in any relationship, are genderless.

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