Dreamweaver cs5 template not updating pages

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Highlight the text and select a new color with the Color Picker in the Properties panel C. What is one way you change the color of text in Dreamweaver 4.0? Highlight the text and then select: Edit Color from the menu B. hit Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar after each tab Ans. How would you get the most precise results using the transformation tools? begin dragging as far as possible from the origin point D. select the first tab stop and enter a new number in the Tab Ruler palette D. begin dragging as close as possible to the origin point C. in the Brushes palette in the Adobe Illustrator Startup file C. in the Brushes palette of the current illustration Ans. If an Illustrator document won’t print, which of the following does Real World Illustrator 8 author Deke Mc Clelland suggest you try? resave the file in an earlier Illustrator format B. expand all gradients, gradient meshes, tile patterns, and brushes D. What’s the quickest way to move all tab stops an equal distance in Illustrator 8 text? wave your magic wand and sprinkle some fairy dust Ans. Hitting which of the following keys will make palettes and the toolbox go away?

Which of the following platforms does Adobe In Design run on? What can’t you do to a brushstroke you apply in Illustrator 8? If you want a new brush you’ve created to show up in the Brushes palette of all new illustrations, where must you save it? place tracing paper on your computer monitor and get out a sharp pencil Ans. Creating text as a graphic in Illustrator gives you all the following advantages except. you can quickly create effects such as drop shadows B. Highlight the text and change the color in the Objects panel Ans: B 60. You are unable to change the text color in Dreamweaver, it can only be changed in the HTML D.

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