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My lovely wife was kind enough to buy me the ever lusted after Rollagas.It's in nice used condition but could use a couple of small repairs.It's not that I'm opposed to sending it off, I'm just afraid the potential cost of repair will far outweigh what I can get an already refurbished one for.One of the fellas from the Rollagas collectors Facebook group messaged me how to give proper adjustment to the lighter and now she's a beaut! I have to admit, I know a lot more about dating them than maintaining them. The Facebook page is actually a very good resource.

Worthington, 52 Brakeside gardens, Whitehaven, Cumbria. not being declared is a prime excuse to confiscate many air freight parcels are X-rayed i shipped a 100 air-pistol from Glasgow to London by Royal Mail it was intercepted - sent to Ireland for 'investigation - and destroyed - no compensation BTW air pistols without CO2 canister and ammo [pellets] ARE INDEED on their ALLOWED items - it was still destroyed all i can repeat is what Steve emailed me ''....have lost a lot of lighters with sending them with the post office ...... They will replace the standard vertical burner with a horizontal pipe burner as part of their "service" which costs 0 USD.

Their most popular lighter, the Rollagas, is their best selling lighter which has not change in design since 1956.

One of the best luxury butane lighters in the market, Dunhill will provide you with confidence with every smoke.

so we use a courier, they are called my Hermes.....'' john Unfortunately, I don't want to risk sending my beloved wife's gift to the UK only to have it confiscated and destroyed. I'm not sure if that includes the price of the burner or not but, even at that cost, I'm still ahead of buying a new one.

ARS is such a rip off I wish someone would give them some competition.

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