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Maybe they tell you that you look great in a dress that in truth is not the best style for you.

Maybe they agree that your point of view in an argument when in fact they do not think you are being reasonable.

A person can state, “You think it’s wrong that you’re angry with your friend,” and not agree with you. But because they want to reassure you they invalidate by saying, “You shouldn’t think that way.” Wanting to Fix Your Feelings: “Come on, don’t be sad. ” People who love you don’t want you to hurt so sometimes they invalidate your thoughts and feelings in their efforts to get you to feel happier.

Not Wanting to Hurt Your Feelings: Sometimes people lie to you in order to not hurt your feelings.

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In terms of self-invalidation, many emotionally sensitive people would agree they invalidate themselves, but would argue that they deserve it. Verbal Invalidation There are many different reasons and ways that people who care about you invalidate you. Misinterpreting What It Means to Be Close: Sometimes people think that knowing just how someone else feels without having to ask means they are emotionally close to that person.

To say that they have been products of evolution is not to invalidate them.

There are some passages in the New Testament which seem to invalidate this truth.

Second, it attributes her experiences to socially unacceptable characteristics of personality traits.

The environment may insist that the individual feels what she says she does not (“You are angry, but you just won’t admit it”), likes or prefers what she says she does not (the proverbial “When she says no, she means yes”), or has done what she said she did not.

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