Gemini and sagittarius dating compatibility amherst dating

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Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs, which is usually a good indicator of romantic compatibility.It doesn’t always work this way, but the Sagittarius man and the Gemini woman are an excellent example of how opposite signs can truly complement one another in a loving relationship.Optimistic, enthusiastic, adventurous, all of these things are qualities that both zodiac signs share, and this means the energy in the union will be happy and positive almost all of the time.Both signs are also mutable, which means they are very flexible and able to adapt to almost any situation or experience. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and this means communication and a lot of fun, lucky breaks will be enjoyed by this pair. Although mutable signs are known for their flexibility and their forgiving nature, they are not necessarily known to be the most committed.There is a lot of passion as well, and a lot of the time here the sexual chemistry is off the charts.There are many commonalities between these two as well, and so there is a deep understanding and connection between Gemini and Sagittarius that they can feel almost right from the first date they meet.This means that both Gemini and Sagittarius need a little bit of freedom and space to take a break once in a while.This is not a break in the relationship, but a night out with the guys, or a long walk alone by the beach, may be desired and the other partner needs to honor this.

Where it is lacking, however is in some practical, grounded common sense.The Sagittarius man’s constant quest for adventure excites the Gemini woman’s curiosity, while the Gemini woman’s playful, mercurial nature is very appealing to the straightforward, good-humored Sagittarius man.Sagittarius man Gemini woman compatibility is full of love, laughter and good-natured teasing, and this couple seem to be eternally young, no matter how old they actually are.This couple are instantly attracted to each other, drawn together by their shared intellect and their enthusiasm for life.Both are happy characters, with plenty to say for themselves, and they will feel an almost magnetic attraction to one another.

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