Gretchen dating slade smiley

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We’re just focused on some of the really exciting projects we have in the works right now.We’re doing a lot of things behind the camera and he has some amazing projects that he’s producing on and doing, so that’s been exciting for us.But you’re still tied for a period of time and the truth is that’s the reason they spun me off and we did ‘Date My Ex’.So ‘Date My Ex’ was the production company’s version of The Real Bachelorette, basically.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County stars talked about Slade’s almost-stint on The Bachelor, Gretchen’s business, and revealed whether they’d come back to RHOC in the future and they also shared their thoughts on the negativity of the show.You know, according to all of my previous cast members, it was fake for TV and all that bullshit.” She says “we’ve known each other for 18 years, we’ve been together for 10 years.” She then launched into a long list of the A-list stars who are divorcing and admits that she’s afraid of cursing the relationship with a wedding.Gretchen doesn’t want to jeopardize their “great and amazing relationship.” She thinks they’ll be like “Goldie and Kurt or Oprah and Stedman” and just be okay with it.Slade says after ending his relationship so publicly with Jo De La Rosa on RHOC there was a lot of interest in him.Gretchen says he had agents and publicists of “legit celebrities” calling him because their clients wanted to date him.

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