How to stop twitter from updating my facebook status

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My fb is under attack again by for the 100th time because JNU and political posts.One of my last posts was about Mumbai dalit protests and riots.

Now, Facebook is doing the same thing for individual profiles.

He fought pro bono, never asked for anything & even made himself available for all the hearings , sometimes despite being on legs in another court For S C judgment on #Lynching, I have many personal thanks to offer.

To @tehseenp & @Shehzad_Ind who took up a righteous cause, to @fuzail_ayyubi , his office & @Vakeel_Sb who drafted, filed & pursued 3 petitions, to @parahoot who provided intellectual heft, thank you all.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the company has offered this feature for Facebook Pages for quite some time now.

Now, Facebook is apparently going to do the same thing for individual profiles.

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