Im dating a black girl

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I had grown accustomed to the ease of being boo’d up; the routine and rhythm that comes with knowing someone so well.Naturally, being on a date with a complete stranger, like the one I was waiting for at that downtown restaurant, was an situationship without any real attachment to anyone I was dating.Since I’m still at the dawn of my twenties, I didn’t have a problem with that.The cultural differences also make it complicated to address certain issues.They too are far from perfect and being with a white person has not changed how I’m seen.

But after swimming through all the Brads and the Jacks, you get that one guy.

Everything was going well until my date went from talking about previous relationships to mansplaining why historically Black colleges and universities were racist, and lamenting that there aren’t enough white dancehall artists.

Having to explain why these were both problematic takes would have been tedious and telling of our different backgrounds.

By the time my Tinder date, a regular-shmegular Bay Street bro, sauntered in, my social media research confirmed that he had never dated a Black girl before.

(Whether or not his ex was dead was inconclusive, but I digressed.) My suspicions aside, we chatted about our respective upbringings, interests, first jobs and last relationships over cocktails.

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