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An introduction to geologic processes and the consequences of human activity from local to global scales. Finite-difference and analytic-element methods, spreadsheet models, boundary conditions, calibration, sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation, particle tracking, and post-audit analysis.

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Inquiry-based lab exploring fundamental concepts of Earth and Space Science, including the solar system, weather and climate, water and soils, plate tectonics, and geologic hazards. Evolution, identification and utility of major microfossil groups from the Mesozoic to present.

Composition of seawater and its significance for life. Field and laboratory problem sets illuminate lecture material.

Understanding of the historical development of sedimentary geology through the development of petrography, paleontology, deep earth sampling, geophysical technologies, and geochemistry.

Introduction to gems and gemstones, physical and optical properties of gems and gemstones, explanation of where gems come from and how they are found, how to distinguish between synthetic and naturally occurring gems, how the value of gems are determined, and the history of famous gems. Lab emphasizes applied field and laboratory methods for hydrogeological investigations.

Physical principles of groundwater flow, nature and origin of aquifers and confining units, well hydraulics, groundwater modeling, and contaminant transport.

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