Matching and sorting in online dating american economic review

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From the users’ perspective, they want the best possible matches for the least time and money invested.Users would be attracted to sites that seem to offer plenty of the highest quality and most attractive singles. Users’ most persistent question is “Why doesn’t he/she answer my emails?Here is a definition of "search friction" I was able to find online: This definition (while perhaps not the usage the article authors intended) seems to describe online dating, both from the site providers’ perspective and the singles using the site.

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That may be true, compared to normal real world dating. Can the dating site attract enough 10’s to keep the 1 – 9’s happy?

While that is technically true, the sheer numbers involved in online dating (sorting through candidates, writing email after email, and one rejection after another in non-answered emails) can make the perceived costs quite high and exhausting.

Even the authors acknowledge the high rates of rejection: in their data, . I suspect the percentages would be even higher now. Information of interest presented in charts and tables The charts in Figure 1 present collected data on first emails to the least to the most attractive men and women .

Online dating takes place in a new market environment that has become a common means to find a date or a marriage partner.

According to com Score (2006), 17 percent of all North American and 18 percent of all European Internet users visited an online personals site in July 2006.

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