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You know how people always say that the best way to find a job is when you’ve already got a job?Well it turns out that the best way to find a friend is when you’ve already got one — and you know how to use them.So if you’re ready to get better at chatting people up in person, instead of just making awkward eye contact and giggling to yourself (wait, is that just me? Ahead, Harwick breaks down the ways to improve your face-to-face social skills.You can probably guess the first part — step away from the i Phone.“Friend referrals are a great way to meet people,” Harwick says.

This struck a particular chord with me because I have had several experiences like theirs, in which I would meet someone online, correspond with her and grow closer over some length of time, and not meet her until we had developed an emotional or romantic connection. ) to meet someone I’d gotten to know online, but even several months of communication, every day if not many times a day, can feel nearly as long.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t bug anyone who seems like they want to be left alone, but if someone returns your gaze in a friendly way — and you’re feeling particularly brave — try tossing out a hello, Harwick says.

You may be surprised to find that they continue the conversation, leaving you with little to do but follow along.

More specifically, it spoke to those of us who are more likely these days to meet someone special online, regardless of where they might live in the real world, and then deal with the unusual circumstances that follow.

In “Girl Meets Boy, Finally, After 9 Years Online,” we hear the story of Joanna and Tristan, who met in an online video-game forum when they were 14 and kept in touch for almost a decade, gradually becoming enamored with each other.

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