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The pool of women there is unreal - far more attractive than typical sites like

Once my account was published I started getting an infl..."Started By Racer Dave , 2018/12/04 pm I joined about a month ago and there were just hundreds of profiles to choose from.

I have NEVER seen such a bunch of c..."Moved: Started By Lux Tempo, 2016/07/17 pm Its not very good. It advertises itself as not just a dating site but also a place to make friends.

But they make it difficult to date or make friends. The free option basically gives you noth..."Started By Lowkey, 2012/12/14 pm When someone subscribes to a dating service the service should bend over backwards to make sure that customer is able to interact with the people they want to even if those other people are not subscribers.

:question: I saw there advertisement on Facebook and I looked around on there site which looks very professional. As a matter of fact, are any of these marriage sites wo..."Started By peternorthfan, 2009/10/30 pmhi everybody, I'd like to share with you my experience of going for a paid trial with a dating site, it'll be about specific dating site but I'm afraid this might be a common practice.

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Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.

They screwed up my account after a few weeks and sent me an email saying would not auto charge mt account.

I never used either service after that but they hit me for an auto payment for a..."Started By Blonde Ange L, 2019/08/13 pm Hope inserting a link is allowed https://com/usa/445529-florida-crossdresser-catfishing-porn Florida man jailed for posing as housewife to trick men into sex & posting videos on porn sites A South Florida man has bee..."Started By Jake, 2013/12/27 pm I am not sure about Romance Compass...

They should not be throwing up artificial road..."Started By jerked around, 2007/12/28 pm The owner crows that his site is the largest in the world now and he runs it with just himself (girlfriend natually) and some zealot moderators that work for free while the owner rakes in the cash from google adsense.

I wonder about how great this ad..."Started By Kevin J, 2015/11/29 pm Any one had any experience of the above named website?

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