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Just got the same kind of deal from someone claiming to represent Mc Kinsey Group, started on text, then moved to googletalk.

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@Buddha Had almost the same scenario went on for almost a month.

I was supposed to get a check the amount was never disclosed but from that check I would take out a week of training pay, 0 sign on bonus 0 set up fee and then buy the equipment with the remainder. I called verifone which was the company they were supposed to be representing and they verified the scam.

I didn't actually get red flags until the end of the 2nd week when they were insisting on doing a deposit through my bank app. They took down my information and all the details but I never heard back from them.

The next day I got an offer letter and it looked legit, with a letterhead and a watermark and everything. After I sent it back to them, they started going on an on about the in-home office they required me to purchase, using a check they would be sending me.

Then they said I needed to deposit the check and keep the receipt.

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