Penguin dating

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Penguins don’t need soft music and candles to set the scene for romance.They breed in some of the harshest conditions in the world.As much as you’re trying to give a sense of who you are, you’re also offering up a ready-made ice-breaker, giving people the opportunity to say ‘I like horror films too,’ or ‘What’s the last sci-fi book you read? Literally everyone likes ‘food, fun and travel’ and you’re helping no one with the classic ‘I like going out and staying in.’ It’s more remarkable if you don’t like coffee and pizza than if you do, and I refuse to believe that anyone feels that passionately about the Oxford comma.A few examples will do; you’re just trying to give a sense of your taste, not an encyclopaedic breakdown of your cultural psyche.You’ll usually be asked to give your first name or a nickname.Don’t add your surname; you don’t want to make it too easy for any old internet stalker to find out your real identity. A description of yourself This is basically your Sleepless in Seattle moment.In this extract from Digital Etiquette, tech-journalist Victoria Turk schools us on the art of romance in the modern world and tells us what to absolutely (not) put on your dating profile. Perhaps that’s why so many people don’t bother, leaving the text box either entirely blank or dashing off a few clichés that really say nothing at all.On the positive side, this means that it’s really not difficult to be better than most other people. Think of your profile as a CV for romance: the aim is to make enough of an impression on paper that you get invited to an interview (or, in this case, on a date).

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Emperor penguins get their groove on during winter in Antarctica, trekking inland on solid ice.

The winter is so cold, at more than 50 degrees below zero, that parents have to perch the eggs on their feet constantly so they don’t freeze. They breed in burrows sometimes made of guano, aka poop.

Sadly, one of the two eggs each mother lays typically dies. Penguin breeds including gentoo, chinstrap and Adelie mate with the same partner year after year.

If a partner doesn’t show up, the show must go on; most birds will choose another mate. Occasionally, a penguin will choose two or three partners in a year. She has contributed to several city/regional lifestyle publications, covering food, home decor, fashion and family entertainment.

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