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But the voice recording function is also important.

You hold down the record button, say what you want and release it to the virtual world for your friends.

The lower third of the country is Mindanao and has a large Muslim population. English is one of the two official languages spoken here.

Most books used in school are in English, as are traffic signs, etc. Chat and send instant messages to members who shares your interests.

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The best time to chat with the Filipina girls that have jobs or attend college is from 10am to 11pm.

LINE, which is popular in Taiwan and Japan, has 220 million monthly active users (80 percent of Taiwan uses LINE).

And Viber, popular in Europe and also used by people in the Philippines, had over 249 million active users.

“I have a group for our Monday football sessions, Thursday basketball sessions. Even our family’s chat is in Viber,” Tan tells “I think [Viber] was one of the first apps like that that came out (in the Philippines) and one of the best.”These apps are often multifunctional, working as a single app that takes on the tasks of multiple apps.

You create group chats, send photos and files, play games, collect and trade stickers, and call your friends, but there are some additional special features.

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