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It is also integral to the work of agencies such as Sure Start and social care.In order to understand what some practitioners may already know, it seems important to review some of the guidance that the government provides for early education settings.Thompson notes that the reasons behind this are not clear, though he draws attention to the literature which suggests sensitivity is an important factor.This may be quite relevant to understanding the relationships between Key Persons and children in Early Years settings, as the Key Person’s sensitivity to the child’s needs may be paramount to the dynamics of their relationship.• Even when children are older and can hold special people in mind for longer there is still a need for them to have a Key Person to depend on in the setting, such as their teacher or a teaching assistant.” – These guidelines came under the “Positive Relationships” principle, and whilst online access to this has now been archived, the translation of these points in to practice formed the initial focus of this piece of research. 3) When staff shares positive bonds with children’s families, it helps the staff feel more connected, valued, rewarded and appreciated.

As mentioned previously, attachment theory appears to have had a rather significant impact on current guidance, policies and practice with children and young people (Slater, 2007).

The Department for Education have recently changed the information on their website; however, following a recent consultation on the EYFS, there does not seem to be any indication of significant change to the Key Person role.

Information previously available stated that: • “A Key Person helps the baby or child to become familiar with the setting and To feel confident and safe within it.

However, attachment theory, as the theoretical foundations of this study, cannot be ignored.

John Bowlby’s (1969) theory of infant attachment sought to understand the relationships between infants and their caregivers.

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