Predating buffalo

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And if that and the many subtle references to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" didn't tip anyone off, then that reporter might have ended up attending an unrelated Poloncarz event on April 1 to ask some questions. I'm not certain I believe all of his stories about fighting Nazis and the Ark of the Covenant, but the relics he found in downtown Buffalo are 100% true and awesome to see.

We are relieved to say that wasn't us, but we were a little overexcited for a while.

It is even possible that the Buffalo, properly employed at the correct time and place, might have forestalled the conflagration that eventually engulfed the world." "While such features were becoming standard on many modern fighter designs, they represented a quantum leap in capability and performance for carrier-based machines.

What's more, the range of the production model F2A-1 was almost doubt that of its land-based contemporaries. Royal Navy carrier based, Skua fighter-bombers made valiant but largely futile attempts to support retreating Allied ground forces.

Granger will build the first harbor lighthouse in 1817 [demolished].

The first Buffalo schoolhouse, built at Pearl and Swan streets, is funded by local citizens following its approval at a meeting on March 29,1807.

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When Erastus Granger arrives from New England in 1804, the village has approximately twenty buildings including three blacksmith shops, two taverns, a drugstore and a jail.

His farmland extends north to approximately West Oakwood and west to near Elmwood Avenue.

Many Parkside residents will find Granger's name on their deeds.

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