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But if I run the macro at around 25% or 30% the Userform with the progress bar stops updating the bar and the progress seems like its stuck at that percent.

The macro still runs fine and finishes without any errors.

Unrelated to that bug, but a bug still, you should not create swing components outside the event dispatch thread.

Empty Border; public class Swing Worker Progress would be the state where you want the progress bar to stop.

Is your background worker definitely reporting progress periodically?

Private Sub User Form_Activate() Dim d Time As Date Dim i, t As Integer For i = 1 To 100 Step 100 / 8 d Time = Now Time Value("") Application. Value = i Next i End Sub I have the code written so the progress bar shows the progress by taking the total number of loops that need to happen divided by the number of times the loop has taken place.

However, the UI Thread of the Progress Bar Window and my main window both hang despite all the work being done in a backgroundworker.

The progressbar is rendered, as is my main window, but does not update whilst the backgroundworker does its thing.

Action Listener; public class JBar Ex extends JFrame import

The following code is called at the very end of the constructor of the main window: i Count Log Lines Progress Bar = new Progress Bar Window(); i Count Log Lines Progress Bar.cancel Button.

Click = Event Count Log Lines Progress Bar Cancel Button Clicked; i Count Log Lines Progress Bar.

EDIT: Okay, now you've changed the code, it looks okay to me.

It should be thread-safe as you're only changing the UI on the UI thread.

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