Pros and cons of dating an only child

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Of course my oldest is more mature and has more developmental skills, but all in all, they can play the same game with each other and both know what’s happening.With large age gaps, the children might get along well, but don’t actually play together. The children are natural playmates and gravitate towards one another so when emotions are high, conflict can occur. While having obedient children is a pro, getting them to the obedient stage takes nonstop focus.

I often see families at the store with a 10-year-old, 5-year-old, and baby and think that mother knew what she was doing. However, I will say that I absolutely adore the baby phase so while it is a con that the time is so intense, I still love it.

In the evenings I will point to specific areas and my two oldest truly are able to put things back where they go (because I have good storage systems). They can bring me things I need and mind instructions, but they are in no way self-sufficient.

I’ve noticed that my daughter and son are able to play well together because they are on each other’s level.

Read: Why having babies close together isn’t as hard as you might think When you have multiple children and none of them can bathe themselves, make their own lunch, or be left unsupervised for any great length of time, you are constantly hyper-vigilant.

Your completely focus is consumed by making sure that numerous little people are safe, fed, well-rested, and generally content.

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